Dental Chew Care

Combining all the best features from Zest®, Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care® is specially formulated to target two common problems faced by dogs – Digestive and Skin & Coat issues.

Dental Chew Care USP

A Dental Chew Care a day keeps the vet away!

Distilled from essential plant oils, our unique Active+ is an active ingredient that cleanses and protects teeth against bacteria buildup. On top of preventing plaque buildup and removing tartar stains, it relentlessly kills bacteria and eliminates bad breath. With 4 times the brush bristle, brushing becomes 4 times more effective.

Infused with EPA, DHA, Pre- and Probiotics, the goodness of natural remedies, vitamins and supplements, our Dental Chew Plus brings major health benefits to support cognitive development, intestinal balance, cellular function, and muscles maintenance.

Our Dental Chew Plus comes in 2 unique formulas, each with Dual Superfood ingredients!

1)  Digestive Support : Mountain Yam and Pumpkin

2)  Skin and Coat Support : Honey and Fennel Grass